Earn Your Degree In Christian Studies

Let Your Light Shine

Finally there’s a low cost alternative to getting the certification you need that can help you with your work in churches, Christian institutions or in other endeavors where knowledge concerning the Christian faith or prophecy is needed! Study on your own and pass our exam to receive your degree in Christian studies.

We are here to provide an education on every aspect of the Christian faith for those that wish to understand it more completely. Just pay for the required texts books and a $35.00 enrollment fee! The $35.00 enrollment fee will register your information in our seminary, allow you up to three chances to pass the final exam and receive your degree after you pass your final exam with a score of 80% or higher! As an additional incentive, we will also provide you with a letter of recommendation along with your new degree!

Convenient and Rewarding

It’s easy to get the certification you need for Christian studies! Once you’ve payed the $35.00 enrollment fee and have purchased the required text books, you can take as much time as you need to study on your own to get the degree you need. When you feel that you’re ready, just contact us to receive your final examination! Earn you Associate, Masters or Doctorates Degree! 

Testing and Degree Options

The number of questions on the final exam will depend on the kind of degree you want to receive. An exam for an Associate degree will have fewer questions than an exam for a Masters degree. If you pass the exam for a Masters degree, you can submit a written thesis of 500 words or more to us at any time. If your thesis is accepted by The Independent Seminary, you’ll receive a Doctorates degree at no additional cost!

You will be allowed to take the final examination up to 3 times. If you’ve already earned your Masters degree, you can submit your thesis of 500 or more words up to three times.

Choose from any of the courses we have to offer. More courses will be added in the future. Then contact us to enroll!

Questions and Enrollment

Please use the contact form below if you wish to enroll, or if you have any questions or comments.

School Policies and Facts

The Independent Seminary is available to any adult who wishes to learn more about any peaceful religious system. Anyone who’s under 18 years of age will need to have a written consent from a parent or legal guardian before they can be enrolled. Completion of any course through The Independent Seminary does not guarantee any kind of employment, or success in any particular endeavor.

Transcripts are available for those that graduate. The classroom hours will be calculated by the average length of time that most people tend to read. That explanation will be written on the transcript. The course titles are the same as the chapters of the textbooks that are required for the course.

The Independent Seminary does not guarantee that your credits will be accepted by another academic institution. The Independent Seminary is accredited by an ecclesiastical institution which is the Prophecy Analysis Research Institute. An ecclesiastical institution is not the same as a professional accrediting agency.

The Independent Seminary does not discriminate against anyone for any reason. The Independent Seminary will not tolerate abusive language, or other kinds of abuse. Commiting any kind of abusive act can result in permanent expulsion from The Independent Seminary.

No refunds are given from the purchase of textbooks. No refunds are given after a test has been administered to a student. If a student cannot pass three test, or write a passing thesis after three tries, another enrollment fee of $35.00 will have to be paid before another test is administered or thesis is accepted.

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Seminary Courses

Let Your faith flow freely.

Earn your Associate, Masters or Doctorates Degree in any of the following subjects. More courses will be added in the future.
Bible Studies

Earn an Associate, Masters or Doctorates degree in Bible Studies.

Required Text: A Bible, Bible Study Plan and Christian Inspiration (purchase Bible Study Plan and Christian Inspiration)

Bible Based Prophecy

Earn an Associate, Masters or Doctorates degree in Bible Based Prophecy.

Required Text: A Bible, Dreams and The Bible (purchase Dreams and The Bible)
Enrollment and Contact

Enrollment is easy, simply send an e-mail to Professor Shaun Middleton, Th.D and let it be known which course you wish to be enrolled in. Contact Professor Shaun Middleton, Th.D by using the form below.